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pizzas, Razza, jersey city, new jersey

December 1, 2021

2021 Pizzeria of the Year: Razza, Jersey City, NJ

Gambling Man New Jersey operator takes a risk, turns Razza into our Pizzeria of the Year When Dan Richer’s first pizzeria was booming and his upstart second pizzeria struggling, up for sale and on the brink of closure, he did the exact opposite of what one might expect. And that gamble paid off hugely in… Read More

pandemic pizzaiolos

December 1, 2021

Man on the Street: The Pizza Bubble

I can’t shake the feeling that we’re about to experience a tidal wave of new pizzerias only to see most of them close their doors within a few short months.  Pandemic lockdowns resulted in millions of people learning how to work with flour, yeast and sourdough starters — so it’s inevitable that some of them… Read More

pizza, Razza, jersey city, new jersey

December 1, 2021

Commentary: Pizzeria of the Year

Our 2021 Pizzeria of the Year is Razza, a Jersey City-based operation that is super impressive. I enjoyed visiting owner Dan Richer for the interview and photo shoot in October. What I did not expect was to enjoy Jersey City as much as I did. It was my first time really being there. Usually, I… Read More

deep dish, pizza slice, The Art of Pizza, Chicago

November 1, 2021

Pizza Today on the Road: The Art of Pizza, Chicago, IL

Arthur (Art) Shabez has quietly maintained one of the top-rated pizzerias in one of the biggest pizza cities in the U.S., Chicago, for over 30 years. There’s no magic formula or secret to The Art of Pizza in the Lakeview district. He puts in the dedication to the business and remains steadfast to the products… Read More

customers, child, Empire Slice House, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2018 Independent Pizzeria of the Year

November 1, 2021

Commentary: Pizza is Community

I circled through the drive-thru window of my hometown pizzeria. I’d taken my two boys up to visit their grandparents and cousins for the weekend. I don’t get to my hometown nearly as often as I should, so when I do I make it a point to throw down some of the pizza and breadsticks… Read More

October 1, 2021

Pizza Today On the Road: Good Pie, Las Vegas, NV

All Good Good Pie doing good things in Vegas Vincent Rotolo wanted to bring a slice of Brooklyn to Las Vegas. The city’s thriving food scene exposes locals and tourists alike to a variety of world-class cuisines, and there was no shortage of top-flight pizza in town when Rotolo started planning his venture. But instead… Read More

National Pizza Month 2021

October 1, 2021

Let’s Celebrate National Pizza Month 2021

A food so loved they gave us a whole month. Uncertainty has ruled the restaurant industry since March 2020. But now it’s time to put our energies into celebrating America’s favorite food, pizza! October is National Pizza Month and one of the industry’s biggest sales months. Let’s collectively have the biggest pizza month ever.   … Read More

2021 pizza expo wrap up, presentations

October 1, 2021

Pizza Expo 2021 Wrap Up: Fighting Spirit

Pizza Expo’s return to Las Vegas challenging, yet triumphant After a series of COVID-19 induced cancellations and postponements, International Pizza Expo finally made its triumphant return to Las Vegas in August 2021. Eager attendees and exhibitors alike poured into the city’s Convention Center to celebrate and elevate the industry after a prolonged absence that left… Read More

Pizzeria Operators Provide Real-World Tips

Each month, our editors visit successful pizzeria operators around the country to offer readers real-world success stories. Whether it’s a fast-casual chain in California or a small mom-and-pop in Pennsylvania, every pizzeria offers tips for our readers. Today’s readers know restaurant trends change quickly and staying ahead of the curve will keep operators competitive and modern. Pizza Today is the industry’s top resource for restaurant trends from pizza chains and independents.

Go inside successful pizzerias in America by reading our Pizza Today on the Road features. We tour the pizzeria and go behind the scenes in the kitchens. We sit down one-on-on with operators and key management staff to find out what’s driving their success and where the industry is headed.


Customer Loyalty as Important as Good Food

If you’re running a modern pizzeria, your goal shouldn’t be to get a customer in once. Bringing them back time and time again creates restaurant customer loyalty that is immeasurable. There’s more to a successful pizzeria than just good food. From a creative concept to on-the-spot staff and management, encouraging repeat customers should be a primary goal for any restaurant operator.

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