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Our Experts | The Best Pizza Makers in the Industry | 1 | Pizza Today

Our Experts

Audrey Kelly

Audrey Kelly owns Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage in Boulder, Colorado. She is a World Pizza Champion and frequent contributor to Pizza Today.

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Dan Collier

Dan Collier is co-owner and President of PizzaMan Dan’s, a regional chain in Southern California. He is a frequent contributor to Pizza Today, as well as speaker and instructor at International Pizza Expo family of tradeshows.

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Dave Ostrander — In Memoriam

Big Dave Ostrander was a highly sought after pizza industry consultant, speaker at International Pizza Expo and contributor to Pizza Today. He previously owned successful independent pizzeria.

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Denise Greer

Denise is Executive Editor at Pizza Today. A graduate of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, she has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Public Relations

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Jeremy White

Jeremy White is Editor-in-Chief of Pizza Today. A graduate of Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, Indiana, Jeremy has a degree in English/Creative Writing with a double minor in Journalism and Communications/Theater Arts. E-mail Jeremy

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John Arena

John Arena co-owns Metro Pizza in Las Vegas. He is a dough expert and frequent contributor to Pizza Today and a speaker at International Pizza Expo and Pizza & Pasta Northeast.

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John Gutekanst

John Gutekanst owns Avalanche Pizza in Athens, Ohio and has a pizza blog called Pizza Goon. He is an award-winning pizzaiolo, baker, teacher, speaker and author and has been featured in Gastronomica, Food Arts, National Geographic, Alimentum Food Journal, Food Network and Best Food Writing, 2012.

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Mike Bausch

Mike Bausch is the owner of Andolini’s Pizzeria in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He contributes a column “Mike’s Monthly Tip” in Pizza Today and is a frequent speaker at the International Pizza Expo family of tradeshows.

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Independent and Chain Operators Offer Real-Time Expertise

Pizza Today’s contributing writers and experts don’t just speak out to the pizza industry –– they’re also busy running their own success restaurant operations. Our independent operators have a broad knowledge of expertise ranging from creating modern menus using local ingredients to successfully navigating ever-changing social media. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Our experts are amongst the best pizza makers in the world, having successful competed and operated at both the national and international level. Aside from that, they’re owning and operating successful businesses across the country, when lends credible assistance to our readers.



Pizza Today’s Editors Maintain Longevity in the Industry

There’s a reason why our editors look a little familiar. Combined, our staff has nearly 100 years of expertise covering the pizza industry! We don’t just use stock photos and make phone calls. Our staff visits dozens of pizzerias every year from coast to coast to gather empirical advice from the industry’s most successful pizza makers. From restaurant operations and pizza making to growth and successful management tools, our editors – as well as our expert columnists and writers – are among the best in the restaurant industry.

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