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December 1, 2021 |

Building Blocks: Drafting Your First Job Description?

In the previous installment of Building Blocks, we explained which management positions are required to run a successful pizzeria — now we need to define them. Before you identify the potential managers within your organization or make the proper hires — or at least before they begin serving in their new roles — ensure you… Read More

December 1, 2021 |

Showing Appreciation

How – and why – pizzerias might use the close of the year to recognize employees  Back in 2013, Justin Klavon wanted to do something unique to acknowledge the employees at his namesake pizzeria in Jackson, Michigan.  While long accustomed to handing staff sweatshirts or gift cards as a year-end thank you, Klavon wanted to… Read More

pizzas, Razza, jersey city, new jersey

December 1, 2021 |

2021 Pizzeria of the Year: Razza, Jersey City, NJ

Gambling Man New Jersey operator takes a risk, turns Razza into our Pizzeria of the Year When Dan Richer’s first pizzeria was booming and his upstart second pizzeria struggling, up for sale and on the brink of closure, he did the exact opposite of what one might expect. And that gamble paid off hugely in… Read More

pandemic pizzaiolos

December 1, 2021 |

Man on the Street: The Pizza Bubble

I can’t shake the feeling that we’re about to experience a tidal wave of new pizzerias only to see most of them close their doors within a few short months.  Pandemic lockdowns resulted in millions of people learning how to work with flour, yeast and sourdough starters — so it’s inevitable that some of them… Read More

food cost myths

December 1, 2021 |

Two Food Cost Myths Hamstringing Your Recovery

There are two deep-seeded myths most pizzeria owners hold true that are holding them back from being as successful as they can be. I want to bust those two myths now so you can make the money you deserve and have freedom from your business, too.   Myth #1: Food Distributors Are the Reason Your… Read More

December 1, 2021 |

Mike’s Monthly Tip: Your Third-Party Delivery Partners

At the 2021 Pizza Expo, third-party delivery was a hot topic in all my sessions, even those that had nothing to do with third-party delivery. If you decide to partner with a third-party delivery company, then I suggest you truly PARTNER with them. That means they are in business with you. Do right by them… Read More

pizza, Razza, jersey city, new jersey

December 1, 2021 |

Commentary: Pizzeria of the Year

Our 2021 Pizzeria of the Year is Razza, a Jersey City-based operation that is super impressive. I enjoyed visiting owner Dan Richer for the interview and photo shoot in October. What I did not expect was to enjoy Jersey City as much as I did. It was my first time really being there. Usually, I… Read More

deep dish, pizza slice, The Art of Pizza, Chicago

November 1, 2021 |

Pizza Today on the Road: The Art of Pizza, Chicago, IL

Arthur (Art) Shabez has quietly maintained one of the top-rated pizzerias in one of the biggest pizza cities in the U.S., Chicago, for over 30 years. There’s no magic formula or secret to The Art of Pizza in the Lakeview district. He puts in the dedication to the business and remains steadfast to the products… Read More

Magazine Departments Mirror Working Pizzerias

There’s method to our madness. Pizza Today’s departments are designed to take readers from the Front of the House to the Kitchen and Back Office. The Front of the House section covers restaurant customer service, dining room issues and restaurant design and server staffing and management. In our Back Office section, you’ll find information pertaining to taxes, proper ordering and restaurant marketing and restaurant operations. Our In the Kitchen section is filled with ingredient ideas, tips for creating the perfect pizza size, running a pizza slice business and making perfect pastas, appetizers and desserts. Readers will get an inside look at pizzerias across the country as our editors create in-depth articles featuring some of the most successful restaurants in the pizza industry.

Restaurant Management is Key in Every Aspect of a Pizzeria

Managing a restaurant involves more than hiring and firing. Whether you’re designing pizzeria marketing or refining your restaurant’s customer service, management should be involved in every aspect of a pizzeria’s day to day activities. Restaurant staff hiring and retention is a critical aspect of running a pizzeria, and we offer excellent insight on managing people. Readers will also learn how to create a management team, build schedules, refine restaurant operations and run a better business, regardless of the size of a business, from large chains to small independents.

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